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Tel: 1-877-214-9986 ( Ext-4 )

Tel: 1-877-214-9986 ( Ext-4 )

What Is a Bankruptcy Petition Preparer?

A Bankruptcy Petition Preparer is someone, other than a lawyer, who charges a fee to prepare any Bankruptcy document(s).

The Preparer only inputs information onto forms or into Bankruptcy software at your (the clients) command and based on the information that you provide to them.





1. SAVE TIME- A Bankruptcy Petition Preparer knows what forms are needed and where to put the information. A lot of times people who are not familiar with Bankruptcy do not even know where to begin and mess up on the most basic of forms. Having someone who is experienced will save you the time of redoing forms over and over again.


1. SAVE MONEY- Attorney’s cost money, everyone knows that, but why do you need to spend thousands of dollars on a service where they do not care passionately about if you get discharged of your debts or not? Take matters into your own hands.


By Hiring a Bankruptcy Petition Preparer, you will cut your costs by at least half. The preparers do not give you’re the run around and then charge you tons of legal fees. There is one flat fee and the work gets done.




If you have never filed Bankruptcy before, which most people have not, it is a MAJOR headache. There are a ton of forms to fill out plus the emotions that come with representing yourself. By letting a Bankruptcy Petition Preparer do the paperwork for you it saves not only time and money, but the headache as well. If you don’t do the paperwork right you will run the risk of a lot of problems later on including possible dismissal of your case. Here you have someone who is experienced in filling out the correct forms needed.


2. WE GUARANTEE THE ACCEPTANCE OF THE FORMS Making sure that you use the correct forms is always important, that is why we GUARANTEE our forms will be accepted. We take pride in making sure everything is filled out correctly and in a prompt manner.



Since the Bankruptcy Petition Preparer is not an attorney, they cannot provide legal services that a lawyer is the only one authorized to do, such as representing you in Bankruptcy court, giving you legal advice, etc.


Even though you would be representing yourself in the Bankruptcy Court, a Bankruptcy Petition Preparer will save you a lot of time and money. You tell them what information to put on the forms and they will make sure the appropriate forms are filled out the way they are suppose to be. It is one less headache to worry about when filing Bankruptcy.


At the end of the day, you (the client) have to know how Bankruptcy court works because you will be your own attorney. The Bankruptcy Petition Preparer will only fill out the forms for you.



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